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Meet your Agent Leadership Council! The agents in the ALC consist of agents within the top 20% in production in the Market Center. The ALC is the voice of agents and helps set the policies and guidelines for your office. They focus on the 4 main areas of growth, productivity, profitablity, and culture. The ALC is also here for you and care about your success. If you have any general questions about real estate or the office, please feel free to reach out to any of them for their guidance. 

p_ClaireAutreyhead shot (1).jpeg
Kevin Hanley
14 yrs. in RE
Zook 4.jpg
Rene Zook
5 yrs. in RE
Claire Autrey
13 yrs. in RE
Carrie Heustis.jpg
Carrie Heustis
4 yrs. in RE
Emilie Bishop.jpg
Emilie Bishop
5 yrs. in RE
Brad Sykes
2 yrs. in RE
Christina Welch
13 yrs. in RE
Russell Nicholson
1 yr. in RE
Kelly Bello
4 yrs. in RE
Phil Aitken
14 yrs. in RE
Christina Welch.jpg
Russell Nicholson.jpg
Kelly Bello.jpg
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